Are you ready to get breast reduction surgery? Dr. Nashir is a gifted, board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped many women enhance their breast shape and contour using the breast reduction procedure.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a procedure used to reduce and reshape excessively large breasts. By surgically removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and reducing the exterior skin, a plastic surgery can reduce the size of the breast. Patients seek out breast reduction to reduce the physical strain, or emotional discomfort of life with oversized breasts.

Famous examples of women who have had breast reduction surgery are actress Ariel Winter, and tennis player Simona Halep. Both of these women decided they would prefer to have smaller breasts, and had their cup size reduced.

Dr. Nashir is well known for his skill in aesthetic breast surgery as well as explaining how many cup sizes a patient can go down, and what to expect afterward. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get smaller breasts through cosmetic surgery.

Breast Reduction Steps

Once the patient is under anesthesia, the surgeon makes a circular incision around the areola. This allows the areola to be repositioned later. Then, the surgeon makes a second incision from the nipple downward. This “lollipop” or “keyhole” incision allows the skin on the bottom portion of the breast to be reduced and tightened.

After the incision is made, fat and glandular tissue at the bottom of the breast is removed. The breast is then lifted and shaped, the nipple repositioned, and the vertical incision closed.

The results of the procedure will be noticeable immediately, but expect post-surgical swelling. The scars from the incisions will resolve and fade over time.

Breast Reduction Procedure

Some women are bothered with very large breasts and may experience a variety of medical problems, including back and shoulder pain. In these cases Dr. Nashir performs breast reduction to reduce size, improve comfort and appearance. The procedure involves reducing skin and fat from the breast tissue and tightening the remaining skin. In some cases the areola is moved up on the breast so that it is symmetrically centered on the new breast shape. Dr. Nashir operates from his Encino plastic surgery facility.

Breast Reduction FAQ

It’s difficult to predict what the final breast size will be after reduction surgery. Communicate how small you want to go, and your surgeon will explain what is possible.

There needs to be enough tissue around the nipple to maintain a sufficient blood supply. When reducing breasts by more than 3 cup sizes (ex. DDD to C) this has to be taken into consideration.

Yes, but when done correctly the scarring is minimal. The scars will be more apparent immediately after the surgery, and fade over time.

Recovery varies. Some patients return to normal activities within several days, while others will not for two weeks or longer.