With a mommy makeover, Dr. Sanders combines several plastic surgeries to help you achieve your aesthetic ideal. Procedures typically focus on the breasts and abdominal area: returning fullness, tightening trouble spots, and creating an overall more youthful appearance.  

Children are a blessing, but there’s a price that your body pays with pregnancy and childbirth. If you wish you could get back your old figure, consider having a mommy makeover.

Dr. Sanders helps women in the Los Angeles area look and feel the way they did before their body changed with pregnancy. Overwhelmingly, our patients are thrilled with the results.

Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

Women choose to have a mommy makeover for a variety of reasons:

Better quality of life. Many patients tell us that after having children, they’ve changed the type of clothes they wear, stopped going to the beach, felt less comfortable in intimate situations, and generally avoided showing off their body. A mommy makeover is about “getting back” instead of “giving up.”

A single recovery. In one surgical session, Dr. Nashir can treat several features of your body. This will decrease the overall time that you spend healing.

Personalized treatment. Dr. Nashir tailors each mommy makeover to the patient’s needs and goals. Some common procedures he performs for women include:

  • Adding fullness with breast augmentation.
  • Restoring the breasts to a youthful position with a lift.
  • Reducing the size of uncomfortably large breasts.
  • Tightening the abdominal muscles and getting rid of excess skin and fat with a tummy tuck.

Dr. Nashir will work collaboratively with you to define your individual treatment plan during your in-office consultation.